Plans of Majestic Class Battleships

Plans of Majestic Class Battleships

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Plans of Majestic Class Battleships

These plans show the Majestic class of battleships, the largest class ever produced, with a total of nine ships produced. In addition the Canopus and Formidable class ships were based on the same basic design. The Majestic class ships introduced a new 12in gun, carrying four in twin turrets fore and aft. The secondary armamenet was split between twelve 6in guns and sixteen 12-pounders. Eight of the 6in guns were carried in casemates on the level below the main guns (four on each side). The other four were carried on the same level as the main guns, at either end of a gun deck that also carried the 12-pounders. As the side plan shows, this gave then gun decks rather similar in layout to the classic wooden ship of the line.

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